Is awareness made up in the mind ? Or is it, as gurus all over the world have always been saying that it is the basic unit of love and bliss making up this apparent world? If you want an answer to those questions, you’ll need to seek with your heart (leaving aside your ego for a while), and if you are consistent enough, you’ll find that consciousness is not fabricated by the mind. How?

Just do this little experiment:

Go in a quiet place and as you get comfortable and relaxed, start watching what goes on in your mind. Thoughts come and go. Feelings arise. You might even feel a little bit of discomfort after a while in the body. But all this is happening within you. You are separated from each experience and from each feeling you are experiencing. Everything act as an object in your field of consciousness.

This world, the people, the trees and birds and mountains are all objects in your awareness. You experience them and they cannot exist without the observer, which is you. You are the link that holds the whole chain of existence. Without you, without the consciousness which is you, this world stops functioning.

Yet it is very difficult to realise this because we are so caught up in our minds that we don’t even notice our amazing consciousness. We are so caught up in the drama of the world that we can’t see our own beauty.

As you go deeper and deeper in your own consciousness, you’ll start realizing that your consciousness (which always is) is made up of love. This love is quite different from that love you have for humans. It is a type of love that fulfills you and makes you complete.

This love is what we seek.

This is what we’re here for, in my opinion. We are here to realise what we truly are. We are here to unravel this mystery of consciousness and find our true source which is only love.

How to discover this love?

There are several things that you need to realise to discover this love. The first thing to realise is that you are not your body; as I’ve explained before, your body is merely an object in your field of consciousness.

Direct your stream of awareness on your own consciousness and don’t be distracted by your own body and mind to understand what I am saying.

Your awareness fuels your body and mind.  Your consciousness gives them meaning. Without you, the body and mind are completely useless and lifeless. This consciousness is you. However, due to ignorance about our own true nature, we think that we are merely bags of flesh and bones.

You are simply pure consciousness made up of love.

I know it may be difficult to understand this the first time, but give it time and meditate on this for a while. Try to understand with your heart and let go of the ego that needs a justification for everything. What I am trying to show you is not something that requires proof. Do you need proof from me to tell you that you exist? No! You know you exist. And I also know that you are aware that you exist.

You simply are.

This quote needs no proof nor justification. The mind ‘creates’ everything else. Therefore, if you wish to understand more about the nature of consciousness, you have to be able to train your mind to be quiet. Behind the chattering of your mind lies this great awareness that I speak of.

However, it is nothing difficult to understand. Human language makes it difficult to explain, but if you seek it with an open heart, you’ll see that what I am saying is very obvious.  You just need to notice this open secret.

So, how to understand the nature of consciousness?

The best thing that you can do is to stop doing. Just be & don’t get caught in your own mind. Just be.

There exist many techniques of meditation and ways of living helping us realise ourselves. Check out my meditation page when you have time, but for now, let this thought sink in:

The ‘you’ consciousness always is. This consciousness has always been, always is and always will be. Just be.

meditation picture awareness

Thank you for being.

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