Love in the heart


The love you hold in your heart, my dear reader, is the most precious thing that you can offer to this world.  The love you have inside yourself is beautiful and brilliant and it is much needed on this earth. Maybe you go about your day thinking that you’re insignificant, but that is far from being the truth. You can change this world, with your love which is entirely particular to you only. You have your own song. There is no rush. You’re doing just fine and are on time.

Love is such a simple word, yet people are using it less and less everyday. Love changes everything. I was never like this, but as years have gone by, I’ve started to understand that

‘Love is the most important thing in life. For me, love is the meaning of life.’

Yes, you’ve heard me. The most important thing. Heck, it is the only thing that really matters. Love is the only reality there is. Anything that does not mirror love is just a misperception.

 Love is the meaning of life. Think about it, love is the very basis of human life. Besides our natural instinct of survival and the primal need to avoid extinction, we populate also because of the love flowing through us. The birth of a child is often (though, not always!) sign of the love between his parents.

The law of love says that to give is to receive. Whatever love you give out, comes back abundantly to you. When you give out love to others unconditionally, the love you hold within yourself increases, expands and heals.

So, focus on giving love more.

When you live in love, you never lose. The love fills you up in such a way that no material things can. Sure such material things are good for your comfort but they never actually fully satisfy you.

You can be the richest man on earth, yet feel very incomplete. Have you ever felt that something is missing in your life, even when you had everything that society wants you to have? That something is love. The hole in your heart is waiting to be filled with love.

When who will blossom… who knows ? All the buds are there. Anytime, anybody can blossom. Do not judge anybody. Divine love takes you to that level of non-judgmental. When you are non-judgmental, your respect for life never shuts down.

Why even focus on love?

As I’ve said, love can make you complete, without the need of any external things or person. When you start opening your heart to love, you will not look at anything with contempt, at the most compassion will arise from you when something is not what it should be, or what it could be.

You know when you are disrespectful to somebody, what happens to your conscious? Have you noticed? Your whole mind becomes hard, it starts shrinking… and when you are shrinking, how can you hold the vastness that is love? Love is what keeps us strong. Open your heart and feel the love all around you. Love dispels darkness and maintains our sanity. Turn towards love and watch all the fear go away.

Use the word love more.

Tell your parents you love them. Make sure your kids know you love them. Also show to anyone that is important to you that you love them. It really is important that we show this love we hold in us. Don’t wait too long before telling them. Life really is very short and you don’t want to miss this opportunity to be caring to those who matter (and to those who don’t!).

Magic chain love reaction

I believe that this broken world can be healed with love. Indeed, if even one person shows love for another one and then that other one will love, yet another person. Like a chain reaction, everybody’s heart will be touched.

Above all, it matters even if you are the one showing love.

Stay here and be an anchor for love to come in this world through you. We need you here. You are important and very much needed here. We need your own song here, to make this world a new heaven. If you want to know more about how we can make this world a better place, check out iands which contains thousands of testimonies from people who came back from the jaws of death. Those people share what they feel is important in life. Love being the most important factor by far.

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